Vol 7 (2014)

Table of Contents



Applying professional values: the perspective of nurses of Isfahan hospitals. PDF XML
Mohsen Shahriari, Elahe Baloochestani Pages: 1
End-of-life care ethical decision-making: Shiite scholars' views. PDF XML
Mina Mobasher, Kiarash Aramesh, Farzaneh Zahedi, Nouzar Nakhaee, Mamak Tahmasebi, Bagher Larijani Pages: 2
The relationship between moral distress, professional stress, and intent to stay in the nursing profession. PDF XML
Fariba Borhani, Abbas Abbaszadeh, Nouzar Nakhaee, Mostafa Roshanzadeh Pages: 3
Mission impossible: upholding successfully a charge of infanticide in the Albanian legal practice. PDF XML
Kreshnik Myftari, Gentian Vyshka Pages: 4
Teaching endotracheal intubation on the recently deceased: opinion of patients and families. PDF XML
Azim Mirzazadeh, Nima Ostadrahimi, Seyedeh Mojgan Ghalandarpoorattar, Fariba Asghari Pages: 5
Health care practices in ancient Greece: The Hippocratic ideal. PDF XML
Christos F Kleisiaris, Chrisanthos Sfakianakis, Ioanna V Papathanasiou Pages: 6
A comparison between conflict of interest in Western and Islamic literatures in the realm of medicine. PDF XML
Mojtaba Parsa, Kiarash Aramesh, Bagher Larijani Pages: 7
An exploratory study on the elements that might affect medical students' and residents' responsibility during clinical training. PDF XML
Omid Asemani, Mohammad Taghi Iman, Marzieh Moattari, Seyed Ziaadin Tabei, Farkhondeh Sharif, Mohammad Khayyer Pages: 8
Giving information to family members of patients in the intensive care unit: Iranian nurses' ethical approaches. PDF XML
Mansoureh A Farahani, Mina Gaeeni, Nooreddin Mohammadi, Naima Seyedfatemi Pages: 9
In defense of a regulated system of compensated egg donation for research PDF XML
Kiarash Aramesh Pages: 10
Underreporting of medication errors in nursing students: a threat to patient safety PDF XML
Mozhgan Kalantarzadeh, Maryam Hosseinnejad Pages: 11
The association between work ethics and attitudes towards organizational changes among the administrative, financial and support employees of general teaching hospitals. PDF XML
Ramin Ravangard, Zahra Sajjadnia, Abdosaleh Jafari, Najme Shahsavan, Jamshid Bahmaie, Mohammadkarim Bahadori Pages: 12
Breaching confidentiality: medical mandatory reporting laws in Iran. PDF XML
Alireza Milanifar, Bagher Larijani, Parvaneh Paykarzadeh, Golanna Ashtari, Mohammad Mehdi Akhondi Pages: 13
Ethical challenges of researchers in qualitative studies: the necessity to develop a specific guideline. PDF XML
Mahnaz Sanjari, Fatemeh Bahramnezhad, Fatemeh Khoshnava Fomani, Mahnaz Shoghi, Mohammad Ali Cheraghi Pages: 14
Psychometric properties of the Persian version of the "Hospital Ethical Climate Survey". PDF XML
Nader Khalesi, Jalal Arabloo, Omid Khosravizadeh, Sanaz Taghizadeh, Ali Heyrani, Abbasali Ebrahimian Pages: 15
Diagnosis and treatment of cancer in medical textbooks of ancient Iran. PDF XML
Seyed Mahmoud Tabatabaei, Seyed Mohammad Ali Tabatabaei Pages: 16
Development and validation of a questionnaire to evaluate medical students' and residents' responsibility in clinical settings. PDF XML
Omid Asemani, Mohammad Taghi Iman, Mohammad Khayyer, Seyed Ziaaddin Tabei, Farkhondeh Sharif, Marzieh Moattari Pages: 17
Nurses' perspectives on breaking bad news to patients and their families: a qualitative content analysis. PDF XML
Abbas Abbaszadeh, Seyyedeh Roghayeh Ehsani, Jamal Begjani, Mohammad Akbari Kaji, Fatemeh Nemati Dopolani, Amir Nejati, Esmaeil Mohammadnejad Pages: 18
Ophthalmology in Persian medicine PDF XML
SeyedMahmoud Tabatabaei, Nastaran Sabetkish, SeyedMohammadAli Tabatabaei Pages: 19
Status of human dignity of adult patients admitted to hospitals of Tehran PDF XML
Fariba Borhani, Abbas Abbaszadeh, Soolmaz Moosavi Pages: 20
The influence of theory on the formation of the infirmary during antiquity and the Middle Ages in the West PDF XML
Efstathios Drampalos, Vasileios Stogiannos, Panagiotis Psyllakis, Mohammad Sadiq, Ioannis Michos Pages: 21
Continuing review of ethics in clinical trials: a surveillance study in Iran PDF XML
Amin Mohamadi, Fariba Asghari, Arash Rashidian Pages: 22