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The Journal of Medical Ethics and History of Medicine is the official scientific publication of the Medical Ethics and History of Medicine of Tehran University of Medical Sciences. Physicians and health practitioners always deal with ethical issues in treatment and management of diseases. The advent of new biomedical technologies further complicated the moral and societal issues of medical research and practice. Religious and cultural differences more emphasize the need for nationalizing this knowledge. The Journal of Medical Ethics and History of Medicine (J Med Ethics Hist Med) is an opportunity for healthcare professionals as well as theologians, philosophers, and sociologists to present and discuss their ideas from several aspects in relation to medical ethics and bioethics. In addition this Journal traces its roots to several aspects of History of Medicine which further emphasizes on Iranian and Islamic era.

Vol 9, No (2016): Articles In Press

Table of Contents


The right to information and their exceptions in medical practices in the Iranian legal system PDF XML
Maysam Sheykh Talimi, Sadegh Shariati-Nasab, Mohammad Kazem Zare, Reza Omani Samani
From good to great physician: a critical ethnography based on patients' views PDF XML
Ahmad Kalateh Sadati, Mohammad Taghi Iman, Kamran Bagheri Lankarani, Najmeh Ebrahimzadeh
The paradigm model of distorted doctor-patient relationship in Southern Iran: a grounded theory study PDF XML
Ahmad Kalateh Sadati, Seyed Ziauddin Tabei, Najme Ebrahimzade, Mohsen Zohri, Hossein Argasi, Kamran Bagheri Lankarani

Original Article(s)

Patients' satisfaction with inpatient services provided in hospitals affiliated to Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran, during 2011-2013 PDF XML
Jalil Makarem, Bagher Larijani, Kobra Joodaki, Sahar Ghaderi, Fatemeh Nayeri, Masoud Mohammadpoor
Readability of informed consent forms in clinical trials conducted in a skin research center PDF XML
Aniseh Samadi, Fariba Asghari
Human dignity of patients with cardiovascular disease admitted to hospitals of Kerman, Iran, in 2015 PDF XML
Roghayeh Mehdipour-Rabori, Abbas Abbaszadeh, Fariba Borhani
Experiences of Iranian physicians regarding do not resuscitate: a directed-content analysis PDF XML
Mohammad Ali Cheraghi, Fatemeh Bahramnezhad, Neda Mehrdad
The doctor-patient relationship: toward a conceptual re-examination PDF XML
Hamidreza Namazi, Kiarash Aramesh, Bagher Larijani
Insurance companies’ point of view toward moral hazard incentives PDF XML
Elahe Khorasani, Mahmoud Keyvanara, Manal Etemadi, Somaye Asadi, Mahan Mohammadi, Maryam Barati
Sociopolitical development of the nursing profession in Iran: a historical review PDF XML
Afsaneh Raiesifar, Mohammadreza Firouzkouhi, Marjaneh Fooladi, Soroor Parvizy
A conceptual model of physician-patient relationships: a qualitative study PDF XML
Mohammadreza Razzaghi, Leila Afshar
History of attitudes toward death: a comparative study between Persian and Western cultures PDF XML
Kiarash Aramesh
Moral sensitivity and its dimensions in Iranian nursing students PDF XML
Fariba Borhani, Abbas Abbaszadeh, Mohammad Javad Hoseinabadi-Farahani
Conceptualization of Idle (Laghw) and its Relation to Medical Futility PDF XML
Mohsen Rezaei Adaryani, Mohsen Javadi, Saeid Nazari Tavakkoli, Mehrzad Kiani, Mahmood Abbasi
Students’ medical ethics rounds: a combinatorial program for medical ethics education PDF XML
Maani Beigy, Ghasem Pishgahi, Fateme Moghaddas, Nastaran Maghbouli, Kamran Shirbache, Fariba Asghari, Navid Abolfath- Zadeh
Examination of crime and similar concepts in the medical law PDF XML
Mohammad Javad Fathi
Patient advocacy from the clinical nurses' viewpoint: a qualitative study PDF XML
Shirmohammad Davoodvand, Abbas Abbaszadeh, Fazlollah Ahmadi

Review Article(s)

Medical futility and its challenges: a review study PDF XML
Maryam Aghabarary, Nahid Dehghan Nayeri
Does medical education erode medical trainees' ethical attitude and behavior? PDF XML
Neda Yavari
Hospital/clinical ethics committees' notion: an overview PDF XML
Fatemeh Hajibabaee, Soodabeh Joolaee, Mahammad Ali Cheraghi, Pooneh Salari, Patricia Rodney