Vol 2 (2009)

Table of Contents



The necessity of HIV testing in Iranian pregnant women and its ethical considerations PDF XML
Pooneh Salari, Maryam Azizi Pages: 1-
Fetus as Human Being: Where is the Cut-off Point? PDF XML
Soroush Dabbagh Pages: 2-
A Role for Judges in Assisted Dying PDF XML
Ana Castelló, Francesc Francès, Fernando Verdú Pages: 3-
The Ownership of Human Body: An Islamic Perspective PDF XML
Kiarash Aramesh Pages: 4-
The Meeting of Psychiatry and Humanities: An Overview PDF XML
Shahin Akhondzadeh, Seyed Hesameddin Abbasi Pages: 5-
Common Principles and Multiculturalism PDF XML
Farzaneh Zahedi, Bagher Larijani Pages: 6-
Effectiveness of the Course of Medical Ethics for Undergraduate Medical Students PDF XML
Fariba Asghari, Aniseh Samadi, Taraneh Dormohammadi Pages: 7-
Teaching Bioethics to Medical Technology Students in Pakistan PDF XML
Rubina Naqvi Pages: 8-
A Survey of the Complaints Entering the Medical Council Organization of Tehran in Three Time Periods: The Years Ending on 20 March 1992, 20 March 1997 and 20 March 2002 PDF XML
Ali Jafarian, Alireza Parsapour, Amirhasan Haj-Tarkhani, Fariba Asghari, Seyyed Hassan Emami Razavi, Alireza Yalda Pages: 9-
A Brief History of Enviroethics and Its Challenges PDF XML
Marjan Laal Pages: 10-
Genetic Technologies and Ethics PDF XML
Ali M. Ardekani Pages: 11-
Ethical considerations in animal studies PDF XML
Mehdi Ghasemi, Ahmad Reza Dehpour Pages: 12-
Brief History of pharmacy ethics in Iran PDF XML
Hassan Farsam Pages: 13-
Medical researchers in non-English countries and concerns about unintentional plagiarism PDF XML
Mehrdad Jalalian Hosseini, Reyhaneh Bazargani, Latiffah Latiff, Parichehr Hanachi, Tajuddin Syed Hassan, Mohamed Othman Pages: 14-
Biomedical Ethics Teachings to Postgraduate Doctors PDF XML
Yasmin Wajahat Pages: 15-
Innovations and Discoveries of Jorjani in Medicine PDF XML
Saeed Changizi Ashtiyani, Ali Zarei, Mohammad Elahipour Pages: 16-
An innovative method of self-education through a bioethics group: the Ziauddin experience, Karachi, Pakistan PDF XML
Nausheen Saeed Pages: 17-
Bioethics Science: Is it? PDF XML
Jayapaul Azariah Pages: 18-
A simple apparatus for measuring the blood urea, manufactured by Dr. Luigj Benusi in 1943 in Albania PDF XML
Flamur Tartari, Stiliano Buzo, Gentian Vyshka Pages: 19-
Perception of consent among dental professionals PDF XML
Shaila Tahir, Farkhanda Ghafoor, Shaheena Nusarat, Amanullah Khan Pages: 20-
The compatibility between Shiite and Kantian approach to passive voluntary euthanasia PDF XML
Soroush Dabbagh, Kiarash Aramesh Pages: 21-