Vol 1 (2008)

Table of Contents



Executive management of bioethics in medical researches: The results of a workshop XML
Mostafa Ghanei, Seyed Hassan Saadat, Seyed Hassan Saadat, Alireza Parsapour, Fatemeh Bamdadi, Amin Mahmood Robati, Alireza Keramati Pages: 3-
Legal and ethical critisim to lobotomy XML
Alireza Esmailabadi, Amir Bastani Pages: 4-
A philosophical assessment of the implications of the issue of human dignity for medical researches XML
Ali Paya Pages: 5-
Assessing the ethical climate of Kerman teaching hospitals XML
Nouzar Nakhaee, Mina Mobasher, Sareh Garoosi Pages: 6-
Medical ethics challenges in the information societies XML
Farzaneh Aminpour Pages: 7-
The pathology of pharmacy ethics XML
Hassan Farsam Pages: 8-
Ethical assessment of confidentiality in gamete and embryo donation XML
Kiarash Aramesh Pages: 9-
Rhazes's views on medical ethics XML
S. Mahmoud Tabatabai Pages: 10-
The theory of derivation of ethics from religion XML
Seyed Ahmad Fatemitabar Pages: 11-
Euthanasia and "right to-self" a challenge in the nature of human rights XML
Amir Maghami Pages: 12-
Ethical indecency and fineness XML
Seyed Ahmad Fatemitabar, Abbas Monzavi Pages: 13-
The ethical and legal considerations in human cloning XML
Alireza Ismailabadi, Hamideh Yazdi Moghaddam, Amir Bastani Pages: 14-
Prophetic medicine and Western world XML
S. Mohammad Javad Mortazavi, S. Mohammad Ali Sajjadi, Zahra Hashemi Pages: 15-
Evaluating physicians points of view about terminally ill patients XML
Ali Kazemiyan Pages: 16-
Ethics in complementary and alternative medicine XML
Hamid-Reza Adhami, Delaram Sadraei Shamloo Pages: 17-